The founder and CEO

First Of His Class

 [1979] in Ain Shams University School of Engineering is when it all started.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Attaby then achieved his Doctorate of Philosophy from Pierre and Marie Curie University in just 2 years.

In recognition of his achievements, he issued more than 50 Publications worldwide.


Chairman's Message

Attaby Consultancy was established on July, 1979 in Cairo, Egypt under the name of The Engineering Office for Consultancy and Development Studies (AC).

AC has been able to maintain such high standards of practice by hiring only the highly educated and most experienced in the Engineering field.

AC has shaped the infrastructure of our world today starting from oil & gas industry and complex industrial facilities to an Engineering and Consultancy fully-fledged Alma Mater Pillar.

CEO - Omar Attaby

Eng. Omar Attaby graduated with a degree of Construction Engineering January, 2013 from American University in Cairo. He broadened his education and knowledge by taking a professional certificate of Energy Innovation & Emerging Technologies from Stanford University, California. Followed by Advanced Corporate Financial Modeling Certificate from AUC in 2014.

Yet he didn't stop there Eng. Omar finished his Financial Boot Camp Certification and the Six Sigma Yellow Belt Process Management Certification from Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Germany, 2015. Concluding it by getting his Master 's degree in Corporate Finance in 2016.

Nevertheless Eng. Omar Attaby made a name for himself by using different practices to ensure first class quality served globally and upholding the highest ethical and engineering standards. He is driven by his passion for excellence and innovation.