Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR approach reflects a patriotic sensation with a global taste.
With solid steps we contribute to the creation of a good engineering workforce that would benefit the Egyptian market.
Through a various set of professional trainings & internships for undergrads, fresh grads and experienced professionals, we welcome the talented and qualify them to be a great addition to the engineering workforce in the country and to contribute positively to the engineering market locally and internationally. On another hand, our commitment to environmental safety is a basic pillar of our modus operandi.
We make sure to offer environment friendly services and solutions that preserve natural resources and populations’ health wherever we go. We pride ourselves for being a responsible international player who contributes to the worlds’ wellbeing.


Attaby Consultancy is working on projects that we believe it can make our life better, but also to develop our life we need a healthy plant to live on.
So we care about our environment and helping to reduce pollution.


The future of Attaby Consultancy is based on the manpower, our workforce is our backbone that we care about.
And as a part of Attaby Consultancy’s CSR we aiming to add values for the Egyptian workers and engineers so we can dream about a better future.

Human Rights

At Attaby Consultancy, we admire our human resources and believe it’s our greatest asset.
That’s why we are keen on our workforce to be treated within internationally proclaimed human rights laws and endorse equal opportunities.

Fair-Operating Practices

Attaby Consultancy implements fair-operating practices that are under the rule of law. Accountability, transparency, and honesty are vital governing principles across our operations.